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Welcome to Caribbean Highlands!

By Keith Macartney / October 10th, 2012 / No Comments

In planning for your future retirement you and your family most likely will investigate many different options to choose from, assuming primarily in the United States. But as you will learn, the dollars you’ve set aside most likely will not fit into what your vision of what retirement should be. The biggest chunk will be in the form of taxes. From property to sales tax, grocery store to your cell phone and everything in-between, your retirement dollar just won’t buy you the necessities and useful items that you have become accustomed to in the US.

You undoubtably are looking for an alternative, and it is a lot closer than you may think – he Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Read below “Why Costa Rica?” and you will understand that you truly do have a choice, a choice that not only allow you to not break the bank, but will allow you to live a life beyond your dreams, even potentially a luxury lifestyle..