I met Keith last year as we both own property at Grandview Estates. As a real estate junkie I had asked Keith if I could see his property that he was developing on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. I was happy to get the call that I could join him and some of his team taking a site walk on January 22nd. I met up with them just across the railroad tracks in the town of Bonito de sur. I then followed their car on the way to the bottom of Caribbean Highlands. We went thru some back roads and thru banana fields till we finally stopped in the middle of nowhere. Then we had to cross some swinging bridge to get to the bottom of the property. I am thinking to myself what was Keith thinking, this can’t be very good.

We then proceeded to begin our hike of the property. As we did so the property had definitely been taken care of and it looked not bad. The thing I noticed was how tranquil and peaceful it was here. We continued on until we reached a small house. I thought this was the top of the property. The views from this area were very nice. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that we haven’t even got to the main part of Caribbean Highlands. It was also very obvious from our walk that Keith was very much in love with this property. This was his baby that he was birthing and he would make sure that he would spoil it for sure. He seemed to know every inch of the property.

As we continued our walk, the views back to the Caribbean were getting better and better. It wasn’t until we reached the part of the property that was Keith’s favorite that I understood his overall excitement. Looking back down over the Caribbean Ocean and the port of Limon, the views were breathtaking. I joked with the property caretaker that one tree that was on the property needed to come down, by an act of God of course, as it was interfering with the $5 million dollar view. We all laughed.

After that we proceeded to walk back down to get our cars and we were going to meet Keith and his caretaker on the other side of the property. I was a little nervous about this since I had my rental car. But one of his attorney’s on the walk told me not to worry and that he would drive my car. The drive was way better than I anticipated. Also the drive to the main entrance was a lot shorter from the center of town than was the original ride to the bottom of the property.

We couldn’t make it all the way to meet Keith as someone was cutting some trees down near the road and wouldn’t be done for another hour. So out of the car we got and after a short walk we arrived at the main entrance to the property. In this section there was also some more amazing views looking down to the Caribbean. Again I joked that these were only $3 million dollar views.

Afterwards I told Keith that the hike to his property had got me really excited about his project without even knowing all of the details. I said I would be willing to help him in the marketing of this property. I could tell that it is going to be a class act. Of course I was only interested in a part time job. I am planning to relocate to Costa Rica, Caribbean Side and I want to live the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Stuart Estra
Plantsville, CT / Cimarrones, Costa Rica