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Progress – what it means to Caribbean Highlands

By Keith Macartney / May 21st, 2013 / No Comments

What we’re up to and the progress we are making


November 2015 – WOW, how time flies, but that must mean we’ve been (very) busy. Earlier this year Caribbean Highlands hired a new architect in the United States (Brooklyn New York to be more specific). We are still working with Oscar, but felt that we needed take things to the next level – GREAT MOVE! Vanessa Keith, owner of StudioTeka Design and her team have done exactly that – taken Caribbean Highlands from a retirement community type model and raised the bar – considerably. This has keep us all busy, with a new site plan, new amenities, a makeover of the buildings and overall design of the community, and a whole lot more. This also meant that we had to totally rework the numbers – for investors and banks. Now that all these items are in place we can officially start looking to raise funds to build Caribbean Highlands, a hotel, the assisted living complex (Macvest Properties) and most important – Every Home Helps a Hundred, the facility to house, feed and medically take care of 100 children in need.


August 2013Now that all the survey work has been completed and the entire property has been duly registered with the province were were able to proceed with the next step. When the property was purchased (approx. 107 acres) we knew that there was a small portion that was not titled. This was no surprise to anyone – but how to handle? After careful consideration, that small piece is being spun-off into a new entity – Macvest Properties, S.A., again a Costa Rica company. This now will allow us to proceed as planned without having the spun-off property causing any potential issues with someone trying to claim ownership.

So with this out of the way, this will allow Caribbean Highlands to officially start to raise money to take the project to the next levels, starting with the environmental impact study. Once that is completed we can them put together the final studies, plans and documentation for the municipality in order to receive the necessary permitting to build.


May 2013  –  It seems hard to believe how far we have progressed since October. Survey work is completed, along with getting the property properly registered with the Province of Limon. BTW – when I refer to “we” I am referring to the team in general, as I am the sole owner (and intend to keep it that way). Having purchased all the shares from my previous partners was a major undertaking, one that I feel was necessary and prudent, I truly believe that we can get so much done this way.

Anyway, as I get back on target – I am realizing that these decisions were in hind site a fantastic move. The most recent projections are that there will be approximately $5 billion invested into the immediate region for various purposes – that is HUGE! New ports, new highways, updated city, free trade zone, and more, and this was all speculation when we first purchased the property 3 years ago. I would like to think I was brilliant, but I realize that this truly is an act of God, as I could never have orchestrated any of this. So daily I give thanks and look forward to the following day(s) ahead.

Though not finalized, we have a lot of the needed numbers in respect to the costs of the project, from building the road system, septic plant, building construction and much more. With this we feel confident that we can go out, looking for investment funds and moving the project that much farther ahead. Initial indications are that we could potentially break ground in 2014. But anyway – excitement fills the air as Caribbean Highlands is on a path to be a premier gated community, something that the eastern side of Costa Rica has not seen yet and we are going to be the ones to set the benchmark for everyone else to attempt to achieve.   Pura Vida (may you have the good life)


October 2012  –  As things move forward, there are certain things that are necessary, whether building a single house or planning a large community. One of those things is to have an accurate survey of the property done, making sure all boundaries, meets and bounds, stream locations and natural jungle areas are correctly identified. With the help of Carlos Ortega and his crew not only is the survey work under way, but while they are at it they will also be fencing the property – where needed. There are areas where there is fencing in place already, but as they correctly identify the property utilizing GPS coordinates they need to fence those areas where fencing is missing or incorrect. But overall, there has been a lot of progress in respect to getting things done.

The fencing will serve two purposes. First of course is to identify the the property, but not too far in the future we will be bringing in cattle to the property. CATTLE? Yes, to keep the land trim, prevent overgrowth on the land and hence, less work later. So as you see, things are moving ahead – progress.