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Every Home Helps a Hundred (kids) – The Ultimate Dream/Goal

By Keith Macartney / March 4th, 2013 / No Comments

I am not quite sure how to start this off, but let me ask a question. How would life have changed for you if you didn’t have a home to live in when growing up? How about if you didn’t have loving parents to take care of you? Even today, right here at home children – every day don’t know if they will have food tomorrow, or the next day. Unfortunately these questions are not uncommon, and in certain parts of the world are every day occurrences for many. In order to get to the end I do need to start with me — my history — my life, from beginning to current time. The start was, as many things in my life, a true blessing. I was fortunate enough to be adopted by a very loving couple at a very early age (5 months old). I was given the opportunity to live a very normal life, thanks to this couple – my parents. Growing up I was instilled with excellent values, values that have helped me to be successful in business, be a loving husband and father, and able to pass those same values to my three wonderful children. Additionally, as I will explain in a minute – the children of others as

Another big part of my life was being blessed with the true love of my life, someone who was taught very similar values to those I had. In raising our children we both were involved in Scouting, with Patty taking the lead with our oldest in Cub scouts, as I worked on building our auto parts business. I soon started to come to the realization that I needed to start spending more time with our sons and started to get involved in the Weblos Scout program. Patty, wanting to spend more quality time with our daughter and became a Girl Scout leader, staying with it for nine years. I became an assistant Boy Scout leader and eventually Scoutmaster over the course of many years. This is where we both were able to help other children in our own ways. During these years were able to help others in need by accepting them into our hoafrican-orphansme for extended periods of time, including a young employee who was homeless and pregnant. Her son was born the same day I lost my mother-in-law, a joyous and sad day for all. I am proud to say that that young girl and her newborn have gone a long way in their lives – both of whom I am very proud of, especially as he graduated from college recently.

Fast forward to May, 2006, I was in the hospital for surgery on my lower back due to a work related injury. To make a long story short, I developed double pneumonia, and evidently as I later learned –  very serious. As I was being released, the head of the hospital’s respiratory department (Dr. Banda – read below) came to pay me a personal visit, informing me that I was a very lucky guy as they were not sure if I was going to pull through. During this one-on-one visit we developed a bond, one that started me on this road.

Dr. Banda was born and raised in Geru, Tanzania. Through a series of events in her life she was given the opportunity to come to the United States to attend college and learn medicine. Again long story shortened – because of the gift she was given, she was able to start a non-profit humanitarian organization (Jambo Tanzania) in which doctors and nurses utilize their time and resources to go back to Geru and help the people of that community. The one thing I learned about this region in Africa is that there are thousands of children who have been left as orphans as a result of AIDS, parents whSONY DSCo are either too sick from this devastating disease to take care of these children, or have died and there are no other family members able to take care of them, for whatever the reason. These children are the victims of a devastating epidemic, and many are not making it, whether from starvation, disease – or worse. Our goal at Caribbean Highlands is to start a foundation (Every Home Helps a Hundred) in which we will be able to build orphanages to help these unfortunate children, providing a home, food and medical services. And it is not only Tanzania, it is this entire region and throughout the world – thousands of children in desperate need, a need that can start to be filled with the help of everyone involved with Caribbean Highlands. A portion of every sale will go directly to building these orphanages and related facilities, whether single family home, condo unit or commercial property. I’m not sure how many we can build, where they all might eventually be located or how many children we can help, but our goal is to be able to help at least 100 children at a time with each facility. In advance – THANK YOU, thank you  from all the orphans we can help, who will be given a chance – possibly a chance as beneficial as Dr. Banda.