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Keith Macartney

By Keith Macartney / November 9th, 2015 / No Comments


President – CEO

With many years in business, real estate, retail electronics and the automotive parts industry, Keith provides a vast array of experience, professional, personal and financial. Keith started in the business world working for Radio Shack at the age of 14. By the age of 18 he became their youngest roving manager ever, even to this day. He then went to work for the Southland Corporation, a large international conglomerate, becoming assistant manager of their largest location in the region within four months, again showing his desire to strive ahead.

Keith then entered the automotive parts industry in 1973 and became a business owner in 1988, opening his own auto parts store in Massachusetts. In less than 10 years Keith built sales (from less than zero due to prior owners reputation) to almost $900,000 annually – in a highly competitive market. Knowing what Keith had accomplished, he was approached by a competing franchise (CarQuest) to make a change (which he did). In late 1998 he was again approached, by a major retailer – this time to sell his business, and was compelled to officially retire at the age of 43. He remained on as a consultant for the new owners off and on over the following two years, both during and after transition. Because of his entrepreneurial spirit, he had to keep moving forward. This brought him to where he is today.

With his experience in business management and ownership, Keith brings a broad range of exciting ideas to Caribbean Highlands: fresh progressive thoughts that have and will enhance many aspects of the project. Keith’s understanding of both business and the real estate markets provide important and vital pieces to the management team of Caribbean Highlands. In November 2011 he partnered in acquiring a 23 unit apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the knowledge that education never stops, he has and continues to attend extensive educational and training seminars in business, sales and real estate, learning from and working with such names as Stedman Graham (author, businessman and speaker), George Ross (Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel of the Trump organization), JT Foxx (syndicated radio talk show host and master business connector), Robert Kiyosaki (businessman, investor, best selling author of the “Rich Dad/Poor Dad” books, much sought after speaker) and Bruce Buffer (noted branding coach and official voice of the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship).

While living in Massachusetts, Keith and his wife Patricia (Patty) were recognized leaders in scouting for the better part of a decade, as well as active volunteers in their church. Keith and Patty, now married more than 30 years, have three grown children and two young grandchildren. They currently live in New York, additionally having a home in Costa Rica.