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Jeffrey Berkman

By Keith Macartney / November 9th, 2015 / No Comments

Jeff is a recent addition to the Caribbean Highlands team, but an invaluable addition. An experienced business lawyer with extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, companies, and business ventures in a variety of industries, including high tech, management consulting, real estate development, film and television and a variety of brick and mortar businesses. He additionally serves as business advisor to entrepreneurs seeking assistance with business start-up matters.

Jeff has handled numerous corporate, venture capital and real estate transactions worldwide, and brings the experience of both a dealmaker and a lawyer to U.S. and international business transactions.

Specialties include; Venture capital; corporate/business law; M&A, corporate financing; assisting start-ups, handling corporation structuring; working with non-profits, contract drafting/review (licensing, distribution, employment and general commercial contracts); franchising; and film/television productions/entertainment law matters. Being proficient in Mandarin Chinese has aided in his extensive experience handling corporate and commercial transactions in the U.S. Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and several countries in Europe.