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What’s been happening?

By Keith Macartney / October 10th, 2012 / No Comments

On my most recent trip to the site we had an unexpected surprise. Let me explain. One of the challenges we’ve been faced with is the ease of access to the property. The town of Bananito, though serviced by public transportation has been difficult to travel through. From heading south on the coastal road (Route 32) you make a right hand turn to Bananito Sur, and once you traveled a short distance the road turned to dirt, with tons of potholes and a lot of dust when conditions were right. Well, that is all over. You can now travel with ease through this quaint little town of Bananito, as the road through this small town is nicely paved, with cement gutters, children playing and riding their bicycles, and a lot of smiling faces – all the way around. This is of course a win-win for everyone, even Chiquita who has a huge banana plantation on the West side of town and employes hundreds of locals.