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Costa Rica has 2 of Top 20 Latin American Hospitals for Medical Tourism

source:¬† Airport lounges in the United States, Canada and other countries are filling-up with a new type of traveler: the medical tourist.¬†Increasingly more people with and without health insurance or socialized medicine are grabbing their bags and traveling to other countries for medical treatment that better fits their budgets. Many travel thousands of miles to Asia and Europe as their destinations of choice. Let’s face it, medical tourism is on the rise, and besides the patient, Costa Rica is one of the major benefactors. But why have such a few, in terms of total percentages of medical tourism, not even considered Latin America over some of these other higher-cost, further distance destinations? It pretty much comes down to a lack of good information and lingering misconceptions. Too many foreigners still think of Central and South America as just a source for dengue fever or malaria. Many still have the perception […]

Quick Dental Trips to Costa Rica

It is said that if beauty is power, then a smile is its sword. If your smile has dimmed because of damaged, decaying or discolored teeth, a quick dental trip to Costa Rica could provide the solution you need. Costa Rica provides low-cost yet high value dental treatments as well as unique ecotourism experiences. Increasing dental care costs and declining insurance coverage are limiting remedial options for people suffering from dental issues. This is why many people from the affluent parts of the world seek affordable options overseas. From missing, discolored or chipped teeth, imperfect smiles, gum diseases, to painful cavities, patients from all across the globe can find treatment options for their vexing dental problems in Costa Rica. According to a November 2012 report in Reuters, around 40,000 medical tourists, mostly from America and Canada, visited Costa Rica in 2011. About 30 percent of those sought dental work. The […]