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Local Updates (Ongoing)

New Airport Coming To The Caribbean Area News to follow, but it appears that there will be a new international airport to be built (approximation) within 30 miles of Caribbean Highlands. More to follow _____________________________________________________ Report on Sustainable Human Development in Latin America Flatters Costa Rica   –   The Costa Rica News (TCRN)  –  A report on sustainable human development in Latin America revealed that 40 out of 100 people in Latin America are not only poor, but also lack formal employment, labor rights, and are excluded from all the systems and social policies of the states. Interestingly, Costa Rica outstands as the country with less poverty and violence rates, as well as the country with more investment on health and education in Latin America. As to other Latin American countries, the 2013 publication of Statistics for Latin America emphasizes that 40% of the population of the entire region […]

Why Costa Rica

If I could sum up in only a couple of words “Why Costa Rica” it would without question be what Costa Ricans say – “Pura Vida”. There is no literal definition of this phrase, but to sum it up – the words “Pure Life”, or more accurately – “Full of Life” truly come to mind. The people of Costa Rica, its citizens as well as those who visit and leave as well as those who visit and stay in this beautiful, majestic country are continually reminded of those two words. There are several other common meanings for Pura Vida – excellent, all is good and “cooool man”. I guess the best way to wrap it up is to say ‘We are only here for a short time, so spread some cheer; and then you are gone’. Bank tellers, restaurant servers, street vendors and taxi drivers will all greet you with […]

Property Layout/Amenities

 In planning Caribbean Highlands we (collectively) tried to take into consideration things that not only we would want but also what needs others may want as they “move along” and mature in life. What specific reasons will they have in wanting to move to a new country, whether full or part time, Quality of life, economic, health or political? These thoughts and more are what have shaped the thinking behind Caribbean highlands, what it can be and will be. So trying to take a lot of factors into consideration, the first thing we wanted to convey was a feeling of “WOW” in all aspects of Caribbean Highlands – to provide an experience that will make CH not only a gated community but a wonderful home for all, regardless of whether you are 40 years old, 85 or anywhere in-between. One thing we kept hearing over and over again was the […]