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New IBM Delivery Center Opens in Costa Rica

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica and ARMONK, N.Y., May 10, 2012 — / PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) officially opened today its new CostaRica Delivery Center, in America Free Zone, Heredia.   IBM will invest US$300 million over 10 years, and intends to employ up to 1,000 people by 2014. The new center will provide high-value services for clients around the world, reaffirming Costa Rica’s position as a strategic services hub for IBM. The facility will support clients in the areas of IT security, data storage, business analytics, cloud computing, and other services in demand by IBM clients.The new center will provide cloud infrastructure support and management to help clients simplify and enhance operational efficiency. Cloud computing provides clients with the ability to reduce their IT infrastructure costs, have a standardized, virtualized platform, and enhance their process automation. Additionally, the center will provide technology capabilities that can anticipate and help prevent fraud […]

The Costa Rica Employment Market is Growing

The Costa Rica employment market is growing for several reasons. CAFA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) and instigated over $2 billion in foreign investment. Companies such as Intel, IBM, HP, Fujitsu, to name a few, have set up manufacturing and assembly plants in the Costa Rica Free Trade Zones. Further there has been large number of supporting service businesses that has come online to support these larger companies in terms of service and product. While these multinational companies do hire primarily locals, they are always on the lookout for talent. Employment with larger companies like these require legal residency and/or work visa, in order to legally be able to work in Costa Rica, further residency is now being structured as a requirement to have a bank account, something you will need if you are legally working here. Another reason the employment market is booming, is that Costa Rica, while having […]

Walmart says new stores will lead to a strong growth platform

The retail monolith Walmart has announced 24 new store openings in Costa Rica this year. Manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart Centroamérica says the openings will give the company a stronger platform for growth. In 2011, Walmart de Mexico and Centroamérica will invest $160.5 million in Costa Rica, a record high for the company. The investment includes the construction of 24 new stores in Costa Rica which will generate 839 new jobs adding up to a grand total of 11,600 Walmart jobs in Costa Rica…