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Carlos Araya

By Keith Macartney / November 9th, 2015 / No Comments

Though born and raised in Costa Rica, Carlos Araya graduated from Pius X Catholic High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he continued his studies at the University of Nebraska, also in Lincoln – for dentistry. In 1997 he shifted his major and focus to law, and graduated from Universidad de Santa Lucía – San José in 2009. Realizing that he needed to fine-tune his field in business law, he spent the following year in Spain at GADEX, Universidad de Salamanca – Spain, specializing in business and negotiations (mergers and acquisitions).


Fluent in English and Spanish, Carlos has spent many hours translating important documents for companies to present to the Costa Rican government, allowing him to get to know many of the officials in the process, both at the local and central government levels. Additionally, when working for Latin-America Title Co in the mid to late 00s, he started to focus his attention on real estate and solving complex labor cases (human resources). Understanding the necessity, he was instrumental in creating and teaching a program and writing a book, “English for Cops” for local Costa Rican law enforcement officials, as the two cultures continued to intertwine more and more.

In early 2008, Carlos joined the law firm of QUIRÓS ABOGADOS – CENTRAL LAW, the largest and most respected in Central America as a real estate and corporate advisor, and expanding his specialties to where his passion lay – M & A. Because of his new affiliation, his scope of legal services has grown immensely to cover many new and necessary fields in law, including a cooperative affiliation with University of Georgetown (Washington, D.C.), yielding a partnership with the 11 offices of Central Law in Central America and the Caribbean.


As an avid rugby player, Carlos’ reach has allowed him to work with Pura Vida No Pro, a program to get youth involved in sports and off the streets, and is fundamental in the Costa Rica Rugby Federation for the development of the Girls Rugby National Team, where he has been a former team captain and assistant coach to the girl’s team. Socially, he spearheaded Movember Costa Rica, a prostrate cancer awareness movement in Costa Rica, as founder and general manager.

Carlos has a very broad background, with many specialties and interests. That being said, we gladly welcome Carlos Araya to our team, and know that he will continue to be an integral part of the growth of Caribbean Highlands.

Carlos Araya Attorney - Costa Rica

Carlos Araya
Attorney – Costa Rica