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Board of Directors

By Keith Macartney / November 9th, 2015 / No Comments

William Ogen – William, once a partner of Keith’s has through the years built a vast array of relations in the Costa Rican business community. His primary focus through the years has been real estate, but he has also ventured into organic farming as well as manufacturing. As a real estate developer in Costa Rica William has already experienced what it takes to build a project, bringing along the skill set necessary to help Caribbean Highlands move forward at a swifter pace.



Chris good edit.png

Chris Urso – Chris and Keith have worked together, primarily through real estate investments for the past 7 years. In that time Chris has built a vast multi-family empire, spanning the east coast and mid-west United States. His vast knowledge and experience has also offered him the opportunity to build a large community of real estate investors and business professionals. Coaching many to achieve their own success, he has built partnerships within and with many participants in that community. Chris’ friendship has been a blessing and his experience invaluable.


Lisa Urso.jpg

Lisa Urso – Lisa (Chris’ wife) brings to the table her experience in the high-end finance field as well as the ability to look at situations objectively, which has lead to the success she shares with her husband. As an active partner in business she offers her skills to the back-end of many real estate deals, making her a truly valuable asset. Her insight has helped Caribbean Highlands look at things from a 10,000 foot view, expanding the scope of the project to take it to a higher level while keeping things grounded and moving in the direction necessary.