About Us

About Us

About Us

There is a lot to tell “about us”. Our vision, the team, our future plans (orphanages), and you. We at Caribbean Highlands can talk about all these things, but in the long run, without you CH is just a dream – you will be the ones to make it happen. As the Caribbean Highlands community continues to grow you and your neighbors will be the ones that will fill the pages of “about us”. Because it is not just about “us”, but it is all about all of us collectively, we all form the “team” together.

Costa Rica: Living on Less

A reality check on the work and rewards in relocating

It’s a dream many of us have at some point during our lives: Sell everything and move to a tropical paradise. Some 50,000 Americans now call Costa Rica home, and for reasons beyond the weather — a slower pace, lifestyle, the wildlife, the culture and the concept of “less is more.” But relocation is not a beach for everyone. My generation asks several American ex-pats just how they did it and what they might do differently. Many are saying that their plans for their future aren’t working out as they had originally thought and they are now looking at alternatives, Browse our site, learn more about your options, and whether Costa Rican life is for, like many – you.

This is what others are saying about Costa Rica

Our Vision

With the expanding infrastructure in the Limon region of Costa Rica, there will be an ever growing need for high quality housing for engineers and upper management coming into the region. The most recent projections bring the overall development project and associated construction out past the year 2040.

That will mean there will be a need for both upper end short and long term stays as well as permanent housing. But in addition, North Americans are realizing that they cannot afford to continue living in their highly mortgaged, highly taxed homes, (many of which are currently upside down). They will be looking for affordable living (housing as well as lifestyle). Caribbean Highlands will be able to provide those things, as well as the beauty of the surrounding natural rain forest. But also, they will be able to realize the value associated with real estate as it continues to appreciate, as the region develops. Unlike other countries, Costa Rica is strict on its land development, so availability of open land to develop will be at a premium. CH has already started to successfully work through these processes. So what are the plans for Caribbean Highlands? While still on the drawing board, the following is a list of what we project will be offered to our community members.

  • A beautiful gated community, spread out over almost 100 acres, much overlooking the Caribbean
  • 4 – 16 unit condominiums (6 and larger unit condos will have elevators)
  • Single family homes, ranging from spacious 2 bedroom cabinas to ultra high end homes
  • A name brand hotel, serving both short as well as extended stay guests
  • Nature preserve with hiking trails, exercise stations and more
  • Community center with fully furnished gym and exercise area
  • A full-service, fully staffed health and wellness facility (run by independent contractors)
  • Large sized pool, to help keep in shape
  • Family pool, for those younger residents
  • Helipad with helicopter on standby
  • 40+ unit assisted living facility (run and managed by independent health care company). With so many Americans moving to CR, there will be a huge need for a facility of this type in the area – we will have it!

Our Team

In the now 3 years since the formation of Bedrijf del Oeste S.A. (dba Caribbean Highlands) we have had the opportunity to build what we believe is truly a top notch team, and we are still going. Without a solid base the rest of the growing team has no one to look to for solid support to stand on.