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A Perfect 10

By Keith Macartney / February 4th, 2013 / No Comments

Have you ever experienced days where EVERYTHING seems to go right, and then some? That was yesterday for me, and I would like to share that day with you, but I will need to give you a little background info first.

As with many real estate projects, there are areas of logistics that can pose issues in moving forward. They may be getting water to the location, electricity, roads and the list goes on, but these three are the most prevalent.

When Caribbean Highlands was in its infancy we were faced with the above issues and more. Remember, people living off the beaten path of progress have lived there for generations and hence have not found the necessity to upgrade to some of the things we take for granted. So to start, the access dirt road which leads from the town road to the top of the property a steady rise, had continued to deteriorate due to lack of proper drainage. This resulted in deep gullies in several spots, making the road almost impassable by even the best 4X4 vehicles. Second – since there was not a necessity for utilities, there were none. The farmers who lived along this road relied on the land, wood for cooking and individual wells, and many have never had the luxury of electricity. Remember, these are the people who are truly off the beaten path, not the general populace. They live like you and me, with all the electric tools and gadgets.

Now on to my perfect 10 day. It started with being picked up by my attorneys (including the lead attorney in Costa Rica for the 3rd largest firm in Central America) to head out to the property – approximately an hours drive from my current home. This allowed time for us to talk, bounce ideas, etc. One question I posed was – “When can we potentially start sales?”, and the answer I got truly excited – N O W! I have to say, I was not prepared for this, but was totally elated by their response. The explanation was that we have progressed to the point where we have proven that this is more than just a thought on paper but in actuality a viable project.

In order to get true sense and update of the property itself, we picked up the property manager who looks after things, makes sure there are no trespassers and keeps the vegetation growth manageable. So from picking him up, on the ride to the lower portion of the property he gave us an update of what is happening in the area, and more importantly how it will affect Caribbean Highlands. Currently this access road is the boundary between 2 banana plantations, and it of course is a dirt road. That road has been designated to become a municipal road, which will mean many upgrades and improvements, including access to electricity. Needless to say, these 2 subjects made the day a 10 for me. But wait – there is more. BTW, if you couldn’t tell, I am extremely excited.

I did fail to mention that we met along the way (intentionally) a friend of mine who had been dying to see the property, and this was an ideal time for us both. So we entered the property at the low point, coming in through the banana plantations and proceeded to walk in and up the property. The further we walked the more excited HE got, and I do as well every time I go there. I won’t go into other details of the walk as it would make this much too long, so I will cut to the end.

Three of the five of us, after getting about half way up turned around in order to retrieve the vehicles and bring them to the top of the property, and the property manager and I continued up. Oh, I forgot to mention – remember that washed out dirt road that was almost impassable? Not anymore. I knew this would eventually happen, but no so quickly – or easily (from my perspective that is). This road has now been given a route number, similar to our county road system (e.g. Pulaski Road is Route 11). In doing so this will lead to MAJOR improvements, including widening another 7 meters (a big advantage for us) and bringing in electric lines.

So what this all means is we will have ease of access on both the lower and upper parts of the property, as well as full electric service at both points. As we had already planned on going solar as much as possible we will now have the capability to sell our over-supply to the grid, saving homeowners money by the revenue generated from this. So the last to deal with is water, and we had already planned on drilling our own well, while planning on additionally recovering rainwater that can be used for non-potable instances like the wastewater facility. Additionally, there is a cell tower within sight, giving us full 3G internet and cell service (Rumors – 4G coming soon).

As you can see, this is an ongoing story that is leading up to a very happy ending. For those who would like more information about Caribbean Highlands, whether it be how to purchase property outside the United States how investment opportunities like this work or even how to utilize your IRA in various ways that can benefit you, please send me an email or give me a call and we can set-up a time to discuss your thoughts.

As I sit here writing this I understand that the Northeast US is in a deep freeze, and I am overlooking the Caribbean coast with temperatures in the low 80s – a beautifully breezy, sunny day. I hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am mine.